Anders Lundqvist - Unknown Destination

Anders Lundqvist - Unknown Destination

Label: Hypersound HYPS 71013
Year: 2001
Cover by: Mike Henderson

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1.Mission To The Stars
2.Dragon Slayer
4.The  Ordeal
6.Star Dust
7.Unknown Destination
8.Eternal  Guardian
9.Strike Force
11.Escape Velocity (Album Version)

All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Anders Lundqvist.
Executive produced by Humphrey Robertson.





I just love that distorted synthlead and the majestic synthchords. Leadlines aren't just some simple 3-note melodies with different bassnotes but rather long beautiful themes. This track also reminds me of the golden age of the demoscene. Spacesynth just doesn't get any better than this.

Onto 'Hyperspace', another track that was released before. It has a  very good synthchord melody and some wonderful vocoder samples. Great track.

'Star Dust' is more of a mellow side of the album. I just love that melody that starts at the 0.30 mark.

After all the previous tunes the title track 'Unknown Destination' doesn't bring much new. Liked that spacey middle part and those funky synthchords though.

'Eternal Guardian' is certainly a different kind of track but it misses something to be fully enjoyed. It's more demoscene than plain synthdance.

Onto 'Strike Force', the most Laserdancey track on the album. It really could be Michiel van der Kuy or Erik van Vliet behind this track, the influences are obvious. All the melodies fit together nicely and the oldskool sound is captured perfectly.

'Fiend' is the most different track on the album. It doesn't sound traditional spacesynth but rather Trilithon or some goa. Really like that bassline...

The last track 'Escape Velocity' is a bit  different version than the one on SD4. It starts as a triumphant scifi track that reminds me of the well known Back to the Future theme. This track is  full of amazing melodies and the main melody is simply superb.

Music  on Unknown Destination relies heavily on the oldskool synth sound a la  Laserdance. But this isn't a Laserdance ripoff. I think Anders has his own style especially when it comes to melodies. The tracks also have enough  variety and don't get boring at all.
As a fan of demoscene music some tracks  also bring me fond memories from the
past. CD cover artwork is the best I've  seen so far on any cd's of the genre.

This is an album that matches the  golden era of synthdance at its best.
I'm jumping for joy.

Rating 9/10
Lauri Turjansalo

• • •

Unknow destination is a solid album. It has a forward-going rhythm all the tracks through. I've had this CD playing in my car stereo once a while. There are no weak tracks, you can play the album from any track through.

However, there is a flip side to this coin: variety is lacking. In my opinion, the most distinguishable track is the title Unknown destination. From the start, it has a kind of determinate sound. Makes me also think if the destination is known after all? Most of the tracks are easy listeners, good quality, but I still think there is not much new in it.

Mikko Välimäki

• • •