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Tipp Interview with Stefan Bieri - Anosphere - Noonwaverecords

Hello Stefan,

•  Great, that you have taken time for this interview, you have just released your 1st  album,but before we get to your music, you could tell us something about yourself.

I am 34 years old, single, live in Switzerland and currently residing in Lengnau, Kanton Aargau.

•  What other interests other than music do you have?

I like travelling very much whereby I get to learn about other cultures. For instance, Thailand is a very fantastic country to visit. The people are very hospitable and the nature is very fascinating with a South sea feeling. What else can one ask for a restful holiday? In social circles, amongst friends and others, I like talking about everything life has to offer.
To relax I like going to Cinema or swimming and I also like cooking Pasta with a passion.

•  What is your Profession? What are your future goals?

At the age of 16 years, I trained as a Grocer and I have also served in office or Kiosk. To be on top of things with education, I attended and completed successfully a office management course 3 years ago. As I am interested in the health matters, I have of late attended a Nursing assistant course and I am currently working as a Nursing aide in a Nursing Home.

•  How did you land in the music scene? Which music instruments have you played?

I had always liked to listen to music even at a young age. Those days my father played the Organ a lot. That fascinated me. I was also a member of a Yodel Club where I yodelled or sang at the Church choir. At 19 I bought my first Synthesizer. Until then I had not played any music instrument.

•  What other type of music other than Spacesynth do you like? Who are your favourite musicians?

Close to Italian disco and 80’s Pop, I also like Techno, Trance, Eurodance and Goa. I am a great fan of Darren Tate. I just find Trilithon, Nebular B as well as Astral Projection absolute hits. To add on to my favourites are: Alice Deejay, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyke,Gigi D Agostini, The Hypnotist, Pet Shop Boys, Jimmy Sommerville, Bobby Orlando…

•  How did you get into Spacesynth and how do you think about the future of Spacesynth?

I got into Spacesynth when I first bought my Syntech and Laserdance album in 1986. I think I almost have all the Syntech and Laserdance records/hits which are for me the absolute high/top as far as the Spacesynth genre goes.
 To me Spacesynth has still more room for progress. Given that there is a special way to compose a Spacesynth-Sound and that it requires the right mixing, there is of course a definite pattern which one should stick to, to arrive at the typical ‘Space-Sound’. Electronic music is generally dynamic. I am open to that, to experimentally listen and produce styles of music related to Spacesynth. What I like for instance, is the first album from Cyber Space. Andreas has created in his tracks very interesting aspects and a little different Spacesynth with the vocals. I very much like the latest production from Audionernergy ‘Spacesynth Contest’or the Synthesizer Dance 8’ from Hypersound which also inspires me. Equally, one finds a great production from Centaurimusic, the new ‘Centauri-Megamix Vol.2’ is quite forceful and simply great.
From the production point of view, the future of new Spacesounds in Spacesynth has just began!!  I look forward to hearing future productions in Spacesynth style which could also sound a little experimental.

•  Have you played other types of music?

Given that I have been in the music scene almost 15 years, I already have so many tracks in Techno, Acid, Eurodance, Trance, and Goa in typical ‘Bieri Style’produced. I got inspired from attending many Discos. In the mid 90’s I actually did a live performance under the pseudo ‘Rotator the Acid Machine’!! Those were the Techno parties that exclusively played Underground Techno. I went to the Discos with all my Synthesizer equipment and there I rocked the party folk with my self-composed music( had Acid/Techno Sound).

For years now I am a club DJ. Next to Vinyl and CD’s sometimes one of my own tracks from a CD is played. It is for me a great opportunity to present my own tracks to a big audience. As a DJ and being close to the party folk, I did produced in 2006 my all times Zürcher ‘Streetparade’- performance the Trance track ‘Superstorm’ . The song did rounds in the clubs. The party people war impressed. Techno, Trance etc. have a place in my heart and I will always involved in this field.

•  Can we listen to this music anywhere and if not, will there be a time when one could hear it everywhere?

Unfortunately at the moment there in nowhere where one can hear/listen to. Friends who have seen me through musically cannot wait until I can at last release some of my ‘old and new’ Techno tracks.  It is my goal to release these tracks under my label, which should be soon.
I could well imagine releasing some of the old and new Techno and Eurodance on the MP 3 Download market.

•  You did earlier release single tracks, there is soon to be an album, how was it possible to release then under your own label , and not under Hypersound for example?

Dear Thomas, to be able to answer this question I must go back to my career take-off.

I have been composing Acid, Techno and Eurodance since 1992. After 8 years of ‘hard Beats’ it was time for a change. In the year 2000 when I first produced Spacesynth, I had no idea what the next years had in store for me musically. I got into Synthesizer Dance CD Vol. 1 by chance and was impressed after discovering who had compiled the production – Humphrey Robertson. I knew who Humphrey ( Fresh Color!!) was, as a fan, for years and I had even actually met him personally back in 1985. To date, I still remember that great meeting.

I first contacted Hypersound in 2002 and sent Humphrey my 1st Demo CD ( this moment for me to date is still actual!!) man, was I nervous!! I was sending my Demo to Humphrey, the producer of the most successful CD’s with Hypersound since 1995. Humphrey was positive that I had talent and gave me the chance to release tracks from Synthesizer dance Vol. 4, 5, and 6. I had my first Album contract and I was overjoyed. I could now get started in learning   the music business, thanks to Hypersound. This experience was very important for my personal and musical progress. I now knew that I was headed the right direction in music.

After the further release of my tracks from the SD6 at Hypersound Productions, I now asked myself how my musical career should go further. To release my own album with Hypersound was possible, but I wanted to reach my goals on my own. The next logical step to me was to create my own label. By creating my own label meant also a future with free movement, to produce my own creations and styles. Humphrey found it great that I had taken this step and accepted my decision.

NOONWAVERECORDS was born early 2007 and my Anosphere Album followed shortly.

•  How do you intend to develop  your  label, would  you for example like to release for other musicians?

This is also an interesting question for me. Releasing the 2nd Anosphere album has top priority, which I am working hard on composing. To produce Spacesynth is one of my passions and has a great place in my heart. Noonwaverecords will not only concentrate on Spacesynth genre. Since I am a fan of electronic music, I would also like to get into other fields with Noonwaverecords e.g. Trance Synthpop,etc. Electronic music has many sides.I would like to emphasize this fact through Noonwaverecords. Given that Noonwaverecords is at the early start, I do not want to release for other musicians for now. I want to get a step by step experience in the music business and I will later be open to Projects with other musicians/Artists. The important basis for releasing music from other artists is through a good network of musicians and friends. I already have made good contacts….

•  Do you have or do you plan to have your own website for your label or eventually your own shop?

Plans for a Noonwaverecords website are under way and are being worked on. It will take a little while before I am online. At the moment there will not be a shop on my Homepage, given that I have only released one CD. I want at the moment to concentrate on the production of the CDs. For the promotion of my CD I have already made many important business partners: Hypersound, Audioenergy, Centaurimusic, Melodymaker, Adifferentdrum! CDs from Noonwaverecords can be ordered direct through my E-mail Address:

•  I would like to come back to music, What do you work with, which synthesizer? Which one have you used for your music?

Basically I work with Hardware, from composing to mastering. To arrive at a different sound character, for my 1st Album I used many different synthesizers and drum machines. All Notes and drum parts are hand played and recorded in Sequenzer (2*Roland MC50). The sounds are mixed on the Behringer MX2642 Mixer. My pride is the Roland Juno 106 which I used for some of the tracks (Star Convention). I use the Yamaha TX81Z for the Bass line in ‘Light Distortion’. I very much like using the AN1X for Lead sounds and Accordion for example in ‘Mutant Generation the Story’ or ‘Laser nights at your Planet’.
In the whole Mix the Korg Drum Machine DDD1 has a great driving force, I used it in ‘Mutant Generation’. I produced ‘Point of Stars’ with the Roland Drum TR 626 and the Roland JD 990. In track ‘Congate’ I partly played the drums with the Korg ER-1. For the Vocoder vocals I like to use All round talent Synthesizer Korg Microkorg or the MAM VF 11 vocoder, which I then can work on and play in Akai S2800 or Emu Esi 4000 Sampler.

 For different sound effects, I use the Alesis Microverb 4 and the Behringer Virtualizer Pro.For mastering I used the TC Finalizer Express, Behringer Composer MDX2100 and Behringer Tube UltraQ T1951 Equalizer and finally recorded it on my Sony DAT.

•  Do you have your own studio where you can from the first Note to the Master finalize by yourself?

Yes, I do have my own small studio, where from the first Note to the final Master are produced without the use of a computer. To release the Anosphere CD I found a printing company ‘Bandorama’ in Switzerland after a long search. Bandorama at the same time was for me an important and competitive adviser in Tone and details in picture technics. It was great teamwork.

•  Which are your favourite Synthesizers?

Roland Juno 106 / JD990 / JV1081, Yamaha AN1X, the all round talent Korg MikroKorg. I wish I had a Yamaha DX7. Many Hits were produced using the DX7 in the 80’s.

•  What do you think about Software, today less Hardware is used, given that a lot can be done using the Computer?

It is difficult for me to answer this question given that I  do not use the Computer to compose. I am not an expert in this field. To produce music using Hardware has sometimes its negatives, that is, particular sound editions take longer than when using the Computer. A small example: I work with the Sequenzer Roland MC50. It takes time before different sound parameters are edited, while one has to work through the Edit Menus. When producing with the Computer one has all the parameters on the screen which is an advantage. But given that I have for many years worked with the MC 50, I am used to working with Menus and cannot imagine otherwise. Basically I find Computer and Software a great thing. One can produce picture and tone at top quality. For the Anosphere cover, I of course use the Computer. It was a great experience for me to work on the cover using the Computer. The Computer and I are now good friends.

•  What do we in the near future and later expect from you?

The 2nd Anosphere Album in typical Spacesynth ‘Bieri Style’ will be released in the near future through Noonwaverecords. There will be a Noonwaverecords Info Homepage. Later I plan to release ‘my other’ and also part of my old Dance tracks through Noonwaverecords. For this purpose, I am still looking for a suitable MP3  Download Site. This would also fulfil my long standing wish, 15 years of ‘Bieri Stefan’ music to be presented to a broader sprectrum of the audience…...

I could also well imagine, producing a Noonwaverecords compilation in style of mixed electronic music.

•  Would you like to add on something that has not been covered by this interview?

This interview was also interesting for me, I would like to give enjoyment through my music. It is also great through it, to make friends all over the world. At this point I would like to give thanks to all my fans, who are to me my driving force. Also many thanks to all my promoting partners as well as and who are a great support for Noonwaverecords and Anosphere.

Thank you very much for your time and for this interview.

• • •