Based On Base - S.P.A.C.E.

Based On Base - S.P.A.C.E.

Label: Hypersound HYPS 71010
Year: 2001
Cover by: Thomas Strütt

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01. Electronic Power - 4.48
02. Bass To Bass - 5.30
03. Rofo's Theme - 7.58
04. Mission In Space - 4.29
05. Visitors (Radio Version) - 4.06
06. Danger Level - 5.31
07. Wargames In Space - 6.20
08. Galaxy Dreams (Remix) - 5.02
09. Aliens (Album Version) - 4.55
10. Space Adventure - 5.27
11. Global Attack - 5.14

Executive produced by Humphrey Robertson.





This album is a perfect example of what this so called Synthesizer Dance music should sound like.Of course the Producer of this fantastic record has done many great albums but this is for me one of the best.The track from ROFO rofo's theme is really a great song and one could say how can you make this better.But this producer has given some good beats and the sound's are allmost the same but the EFFECTS make it just sound like magic.
The Track  bass to bass is also a fantastic track with the nice bass line (sound's very  like the old KOTO)and the lovely melodies and robot voices.The Remake of Koto's Visitors is also cool he did not change much on this track but i think it was wise to put the new beat's in the background but over all a very good cover.
The Track Danger Level is also very good it has a feeling as if it is flying very good melodies very good Track.
The Track wargames in  space. well if you like the old Hypnosis Lost in space album then your in for a treat as this great track with the space effect's make you want to fly,very nice melodies yet again a perfect track just magic.
The Track  Aliens.well this is such a good track just the Voices make you feel like the  aliens are just going to walk in and say hello.The bass line is very cool.
The Track Space Adventure. Also a magic track,i really love the bass line and the cool melodies,there are also some effect from STAR TRECK in there if you listen closely.
The Track Global Attack is a cool space song yet again some nice melodies and the perfect sound just makes this track Fly.

So my resume is A perfect album from the producer Humphrey Robertson i just wonder where does he get all these great ideas,i mean i have so many album's from him but none of them are boring.The music just has a class of it's own.That he perfecly know's how to make.

Patrick Leverson

• • •

Based on Bass is another project by Humphrey Robertson. It's quite similar to Daylight - spacey backgrounds, heavy dance beats and a touch of the 80s synth sound.
"Koto-bass" seems to be on the every track. It's a shame that the album gets a little bit boring after a few tracks.
Yes, tracks  are quite similar and don't offer much variety. However, 'Electronic Power',  'Danger Level' and 'Bass to Bass' are very good tracks.. really liked those robotic voices.
I noticed that the main chordmelody in Bass to Bass seems  to be quite similar to Cosmo Tron by Laserdance. Maybe just a coincidence.

I also enjoyed the last track 'Global Attack', mainly  because it has some nice epiano. I wonder why there aren't any more  spacesynth tracks that have some piano?

There are also two cover tracks on the album. 'Rofo's Theme' is pretty nice but 'Visitors' is a weak version of the old Koto classic. It's much more straightforward and lacks the juiciness of the original

Anyway, this is a good album. All the  tracks are at least ok but on the other hand there aren't any tracks that would really set my ass on fire.

Rating: 7/10
Lauri Turjansalo

• • •