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Audioenergy released the first album as digital download.
“Sonar Power - The Last Flight” is now available @ the Audioenergy shop.


Andreas Mohr & Erik van Vliet release the "Cyber Space plays a tribute to Hotsound" CD. The CD contains 13 classic Hotsound tracks, rearranged from Cyber Space. You can hear a little megamix of this release at the Audioenergy webpage.
This release is available at Audioenergy, Formular-Hot and Melodymaker (soon).

Cyber Space plays a tribute to Hotsound

Noonwaverecords release his new CD "Anosphere - One and all", you can hear a little demo of this release at the Noonwaverecords or Audioenergy Webpage.
This release is available at Noonwaverecords, Audioenergy and Melodymaker.

Anosphere - One and all

Audioenergy announced a new cd special offer today, a lot of CDs for only
7,99€, take a look.


Noonwaverecords sells the 1. track of the forthcomig Anosphere album “Nation of Love” as a digital Download.

For this and more news take a look at the mainpage.

Audioenergy announced a new release “Cyber Space - Future On Mars” today, the release will be  in 2 weeks, you can place your pre-order right now at the Audioenergy shop and save 10% pre order discount.

Cyber Space - Future On Mars

Both new Space Sound Records releases are now available at the Audioenergy Shop.

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Cyber Space - Future On Mars
Cyber Space
Future On Mars

get it @ Audioenergy

Tom Lacy - Welcome To The Future
Tom Lacy
Welcome To The Future

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Best Of Spacesound
The Best Of
Spacesound Records

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Tribute To DM
Synthesizer Tribute
To Depeche Mode

get it @ Audioenergy

Ernesto - R-Evolution

get it @ Audioenergy

Galaxy Hunter - We Came From Space
Galaxy Hunter
We Came From Space

get it @ Audioenergy

Last Free Music

Cyber Space & Marcel de Van
You Can Call Me Baby
The Night Is Strong
Cyber Space
Journey Through My Mind
Megamix Vol. 1 mixed by Patrick DJs
Megamix Vol. 2 mixed by Patrick DJs

Welcome to World of ISDMUSIC

Mac of BIOnighT
Another Lie
Tears Behind The Sun
The Right Place
Another Morning

Galaxy Hunter
Children Of Planet Earth

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14. Jan. 2012

•  Click here to get a Megamix from the new Audioenergy
   release “Sonar Power - The Last Flight”

11. Sep. 2011

•  Click here to get “Anosphere - One and all” Megamix
•  Click here to get “Cyber Space plays a tribute to
   Hotsound” Megamix

Video of the new Audioenergy release



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