Cat’s Disco Lab - The Album

Cat’s Disco Lab - The Album

Label: Hypersound HYPS 71021
Year: 2003
Cover by: Thomas Strütt

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01. Space Cat's Attack - 6.46
02. Cat's Planet - 7.36
03. Digital World - 6.42
04. Cat's Thinking - 6.43
05. Silicon Fish For Silicon Cat - 6.16
06. Mechanical Cat's Game - 5.40
07. Devourer of Flowers - 7.05
08. Russian Theme - 6.07
09. Escape From Time - 5.34
10. Cyber Laboratorium - 6.58

All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Maxim Mironov
Executive produced by Humphrey Robertson.





Track 1. This track has a feeling like ciber people meets koto, very nice bass line and some very nice synthy sound's. The vocoder sound's are also very nice as well.
Track 2. This track could be from koto also the melodies are very eighties a like. Actualy it has many sound's that appear on some of the older laserdance albums.
Track 3. This track is a slower one. it's ok but the melodies are missing, but still a nice track maybe the lead melody could be more present.
Track 4. This track is cool there are some very nice synth voices on this track and the drums / bass are very like koto. I love that melodie that starts at 2.21 very eighties.
Track 5. Very nice percussion on this track again you hear the koto infuence. I also like the melodies that have so much delay.
Track 6. Hey the drum break's on this track are cool, again a very koto- a- like song, with lot's of percussion and breaks.
Track 7. This track is again a slow one but very nice, maybe the lead sound at the begining could be a little different, again you hear the koto infuence.
Track 8. This is a great track i just love the melody and the hit's , i just wonder what is being spoken on this track "it's russian" the track is very catchy, maybe one of the best.
Track 9. This melody sound's very good, but i think it's comes from a older Daylight / H.Robertson track as it seems very familiar. Again you can hear the koto break's on this track.
Track 10.I like this track particular the lead melodie really crack's. Nice vocoder voices.

My Resume:
I think that Cat's Disco Lab have made a good debut album. It's surely a good contribution to space-synth. The album sound's very old ( in the choice of sound's and drums) that makes it again interesting as these sound's are not being used in today's music.

Rating: 6.5/10
Denis Buser

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