Ciber People-The Return Of The Ciber People

Ciber People-The Return Of The
Ciber People

Label: ZYX 20255-2
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01. The Return Of The Ciber People - 6.45
02. Warriors - 6.25
03. Escape - 5.43
04. Digital Dance - 4.53
05. Invasion - 7.09
06. Farewell - 4.27
07. Runaway - 5.45
08. Last Convoy - 4.39
09. The Ciber Megamix - 14.36
10. The Night (Live Version) - 7.14
11. The Return Of The Ciber People (Dub) - 5.58

All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Humphrey Robertson.
Executive produced by Erik van Vliet.





Ciber People is Humphrey Robertson's synthproject that sort of uses the name of Cyber People, one of the first spacesynth projects of the 80s. The name  is the only thing that connects these two projects.

But let's face it: this is a boring album. Title track is maybe the worst track on the whole album. Warriors', however, is a great track. Energetic and very  synthy. Another fine track is Digital Dance. 'The Night' is pretty good too, maybe because it's a bit different.
There are some nice ideas on every track but they keep repeating those same
melody sequences over and  over again.
I noticed myself pressing the fast forward button all the time.  It's a pity because the tracks have potential.
If you are a fan of  Daylight you may find this album entertaining.

Rating: 5.5/10
Lauri Turjansalo

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