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Tipp Interview with Andreas Mohr - Cyber Space

Hello Andreas,

•  Great that you took the time for this interview, your first album is out, but before we talk about your Music you could tell us a little about yourself.

Hallo Thomas!
I come from Halberstadt, which lies East of Harz here in Germany, and I have lived there for the last 33 years.
I  have everything that belongs to a good start in life beside me. School, Training,  my old Music Band and many years as a DJ.
My job and my family, especially my daughter play a most important role in my life.

•  What other interests do you have apart from Music, Hobbies etc?

Yes, Hobbies have always taken a big role in my life, of which I alter spontaneously.
I like collecting old 8/16 mm Films from the good old Celluloid times. But what fascinates me still since 20 years is collecting old albums from the 70’s and 80’s.

•  What is your Profession? What are your future goals?

My profession is the same as my hobbies, always something new, new challenges that go with excelling in my job. Currently am working in a Marketing Firm which promotes for Mail Order.

•  How did you land in the Music scene? Which instruments have you played?

Music has always been part of my life, I started Music School at the age of 8, at 9 years of age I was through with Piano lessons, of which am proud of today, it was of great experience to encounter different Music styles especially classical music.

•  What other type of music other than Spacesynth do you like? Who are your favourite Musicians?

Being a DJ for many years has widened the range of my music taste. I love listening to Italian Disco music of the 80’s, Koto, Fred Ventura, Albert One as well as the other interpretation of this music genre. My favourite Band/group has always been ABBA, I am fascinated by the fact that every title sounds different and has a different story of its own, I would reflect the same in my titles.

•  How did you land into Spacesynth and how do you see the future of Spacesynth?

I first heard a Spacesynth title at a school Disco from the Lacerdance – Shotgun. From then on I became a changed person and I knew that this type of music would occupy my mind for a long time. I was right because to date Spacesynth is part of my life.

•  Your Music style is quite close to Laserdance, have you played any other type of Music?

Laughs! Yes, one tries always something new, in the late 90’s I tried to play a few tracks during the wild dance floor period, unfortunately after the first 2 tracks I knew this was not my type of music. It could also mean that am so taken by Spacesynth and it lies in my blood to keep playing it.

•  If yes, can one listen to the music anywhere and if not, would you like to do something else?

There could maybe be some additional project from me, or maybe some other music direction, but until then there are no plans.

•  You had earlier single tracks out,how did you decide to produce your own album?

Yes, that is right, in the mid 90’s I had already played Spacesynth titles, but it had always been my dream to play my own CD. Since I got to know Laserdance, it was always my goal at one time to present my own tracks.Yes, we really got to know each other, the ideas and the ambitions involved brought us to this point.

•  You grew up in DDR, would you have had the chances to do everything according to how you wished?

Partly…. Like in Piano lessons I had the choice at the age of 5 years to select which music direction I’d take, I decided for the modern type, that is to play Beat and Dance music. Otherwise it was formulated for us from the authorities, and therefore controlled in all our life directions.

•  Had you already known or heard about Spacesynth before the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989?

Yes of course, also for this type of music the wall was not too high.
Those days it was a great problem to get into this kind of music, neither were there producers, nor other forms of contacts. We were always dependent and at the mercy of some Radio station to play this music so that we could eventually dub it on a music cassette.

•  Do you have or are you planning on having your own music website?

At the moment I have a small website with Cyber Space, with brief infos about myself and my projects, where one can also listen into some of my tracks at

•  What do you work with, what type of Synthesizers? Which have you used for your album?

Like most musicians I work with Music software and my Midi keyboard. I still have the old Propellerhead Reson 2.5 Software, with the beautiful old Mono- and Polysynth-Sounds. But also from Waldorf and Korg, the sound fascinates me, Bass and Effects I take from the old Juno 106.

•  Do you have your own studio, where you could record from the first Note to the last refined version?

I have here at home a tiny Home-music studio which will stay that way due to space factor, but thanks to PC tech and my personal experience that is enough for my production purposes.

•  What is your favourite Synthesizer?

I once had a synthesizer from Ensoniq, the TS 10, I believe it was accordingly made to measure from its build and sound volume.
Otherwise I then had the Korg M1 which was also very good and fascinating.

•  What do you think about Software, today nobody needs much Hardware given that a lot can be done using computers.

I find it easier to work with software the with the old way of fixing Hardware, many of us still remember that, okay, those days the studio was most filled but I find Spacesynth should change with the times, one can now play the tracks more precisely and complex version with the software, and that makes a lot of difference, furthermore after so many years of Spacesynth there are so many new interesting things to play.

•  What do we in the near future and later expect to hear from you?

I am definitely at the moment composing my 2nd cyberspace album which this time around I want to make it more complex in Vocoder. It is therefore exciting this time.

•  Do you want to add something more that has not been covered by this interview?

Yes indeed, I find Spacesynth has just a small number of musicians compared to other types of music, I wish to get to know other Spacesynth musicians, so that we could together uplift the face of Spacesynth the popularity curve is moving upwards, therefore we should stick together, and also nurture our contacts only then shall we be able to keep this music afloat.

Thank you very much for your time and for this interview.

• • •