Daylight - Dance

Daylight - Dance

Label: Hypersound HYPS 71004
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01. To The Unknown Man - 6.01
02. Alpha - 5.49
03. Conquest Of Paradise - 4.53
04. Pulstar - 6.21
05. Antarctica - 6.01
06. Chariots Of Fire - 4.56
07. Logical - 6.25
08. Galactic - 5.20
09. Sequential Trip - 5.30
10. Memories Of Time - 5.21
11. Space Revenge - 4.32
12. Fantasy - 6.41

All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Humphrey Robertson,
exept Track 1-6 composed by Vangelis.
Executive produced by Humphrey Robertson.





Well i got this CD i was very suprized that Humphrey Robertson covered the best Vangelis track's. But as soon as i had the CD in i got the point. These song's have completely new arrangment's and are very dancy the tempo is fast(er) than Daylight usely is but it's for me a master piece of it's own. Also the other track's composed by Humphrey Robertson are very good and match like a book with a second chapter.That's why this again is my fovourite Daylight Album.

thank you for your time.

P.S.: (a small comment to hypersound)
We also should not forget that hypersound record label are still making this fantastic music with up-coming artist's like Lundqvist's and Grefberg's, Protonic Storm, Koskela, Mindxpander, i think we should thank Humphrey Robertson for making this all happen

Denis Buser

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