Dayllight - Cosmos

Dayllight - Cosmos

Label: Hypersound HYPS 71007
Year: 2000
Cover by: Thomas Strütt

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01. Elektroscope
02. Mysterious Games
03. Colour of my Dreams
04. Cosmic World
05. Star Fighter
06. Battle in Space
07. Combine your Mind
08. Lost in the Dark
09. Queen of Hearts
10. The Return of Skywalker
11. Atomic World
12. Dynamic Moves
13. Dance Revolution (Vocoder Version)
14. Space Express (Speed Version)

All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Humphrey Robertson.
Executive produced by Humphrey Robertson.





As we know Humphrey Robertson's the most well known synthdance project Daylight  is modern instrumental synthdance music. 14 tracks of pure synth energy.  Cosmos is even quite *boom-tsk*.

'Elektrosope' is an average opener but the 2nd track 'Mysterious Games' is much better. Very futuristic and even more danceable. 'Cosmic World' is my favorite track on the album. It's not the most original one but oh that energy! Tracks are rhythmically great and full of futuristic atmosphere.

The problem with Cosmos is that some tracks tend to get boring as they keep repeating same melody and rhythmic sequences over and over again. But if you are into straightforward dancey synth  music, you will probably like Cosmos.

Rating: 6.5/10
Lauri Turjansalo

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