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Biography of Humphrey Robertson

Humphrey RobertsonThe guy behind Projects like DAYLIGHT,HYPNOSIS, CIBER PEOPLE, BASED ON BASS, etc.

In 1984 he released his first Record with FRESH COLOR (ZYX) as lead singer/song-writer. One Album and Three singles.

After touring with bands in the italo disco scene (Valerie Dore, MikoMission, Fancy, CC Catch etc.) he went into recording, he recorded a lot of italo disco projects also two singles that were composed and performed by himself (will be released someday as a cd collection).

He worked in studios in Milano, Italy (Baby Records, Disco Magic)

In New York where he worked for Arista, A&M, as a studio Assistant (at the start as a “cup of coffee boy”) and he decided to build his own Recording Studio. His success as a producer was to be big.

After meeting Erik van Vliet at the annual music meeting in Cannes (1991) his cooperation with Hotsound in Holland was made.

The start of the project DAYLIGHT one single and two albums were made for hotsound (also on zyx) with the success of that he teamed up with Erik van Vliet for the Ciber People project one album on Hotsound, and a single and album on zyx.

In the same year Humphrey was asked by Zyx to record an album and single for the band HYPNOSIS he made Two singles and one album.

Also his project Relaxing Music Vol. 1+2 were made for the US market and had a big success there. (IRS)

Humphrey also worked with Michiel van der Kuy on a Project called Jo Fox.

Humphrey now is working for the company HYPERSOUND PRODUCTIONS where he still is producing his project’s DAYLIGHT, FUTURESPACE, BASED ON BASS etc.

He is giving new up-comming Artist’s a chance to release there music as on the SYNTHEIZER DANCE series.

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