Hypnosis - Lost In Space

Hypnosis - Lost In Space

Label: ZYX 20238-2
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01. Lost Memory's - 5.55
02. Space War's - 5.52
03. Panet To Planet - 5.09
04. Lost In Space - 6.35
05. Battle In Time - 6.24
06. Wave Runner - 6.40
07. Last Fight - 7.17
08. Vocoder Dream - 5.08
09. Lost In Space (Remix) - 8.45
10. Wave Runner (Dub) - 8.30

All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Humphrey Robertson.





In 1992 i found this cd in a shop and was very surprized that this Guy called Humphrey Robertson had done Hypnosis.I did not know of him then.
The album has a very spacey touch to it and it sound's as if this was  made in "outerspace" but the producer had something in mind... Lost in  Space.! and it is for me the perfect mixture of space-dance-italo-sound.The track Space wars is my personal No.1 of this Album,battle of time is also  very cool.But in the end you have a 10 track cd with some real catchy space
Also this was the first album i had from Producer Humphrey Robertson and of course it was not the last,i have started to collect all his music from then on and i now own all cd's,Maxi's from this great producer. I have also noticed that ZYX have made a second edition of this  album
Called GOLDEN DANCE CLASSICS and that is what it is a Classic cd that  all space -dance fans should have.

Danni Gerrits

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