Koto - From The Dawn Of Time

Koto - From The Dawn Of Time

Label: ZXY 20228-2
Year: 1992
Cover by:

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1. From The Dawn Of Time - 5.30
2. Phenomenon Choir - 5.06
3. Mind Machine - 6.37
4. Logic Control - 4.34
5. Acknowledge - 6.01
6. Jungian Dream - 4.12
7. Mystery Bomber - 4.41
8. Time - 6.07
9. Mechanic Sense - 6.00
10. Cosmic Connection - 4.31
11. Epic Saga - 4.16

All tracks composed and arranged by Michiel van der Kuy.
Produced by  Michiel van der Kuy.





Some people who like old Koto tracks by Cundari & Maiola may find this album a bit strange. Michiel van der Kuy has stepped in and produced an album which is more straight forward than the old Koto songs like 'Dragon's Legend' and 'Japanese Wargame'.
Nevertheless, this album is great. The opening track, 'From  the Dawn of Time', sounds like a typical Laserdance track. It's ok but not  excellent. The second track, 'Phenomenon Choir', is absolutely brilliant. For some reason it keeps reminding me of Dragon's Legend. 'Acknowledge' is one of the highlights of the album mainly because it has one of the best staccato chords I have ever heard in a synthdance track.
Generally there are no weak  tracks on the album except one. I'm talking about 'Mystery Bomber' which is early 90's techno and doesn't sound very good in that genre either. Like on  most of the Laserdance albums there are also three slower, so-called ambient tracks.
I find them quite relaxing. If you like Michiel's Laserdance stuff,  then this album is a must-have.

Rating: 8/10
Lauri Turjansalo

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