Koto - Masterpieces

Koto - Masterpieces

Label: ZXY 20160-2
Year: 1989
Cover by:

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1. Visitors (The Alien Mix) - 6.16
2. Time - 6.02
3. Dragons Legend (Siegfried´s Mix) - 6.27
4. Minoan War - 5.48
5. Jabdah (Chinese Mix) - 7.11
6. Plain - 5.40
7. Chinese Revenge(´89 Mix) - 5.56
8. Japanese Wargame (Master Mix) - 6.26

Track 2, 4 + 6 composed and arranged by Michiel van der Kuy.
Track 1, 3, 5 + 8 composed and arranged by S. Cundari and A. Maiola.
Track 7 composed and arranged by A. Maiola.

Produced by  Michiel van der Kuy.





This cd is a release of the original pieces from koto's original producer, Antonio Maiola and Sandro Cundari and a few new ones by Michiel van der Kuy. This cd is truly a masterpiece. The remix of Visitors done by Michiel is simply fantastic, the way he uses nasty analogue synths for the bassline which growls throughout the whole cd.
Michiels own Time, Minoan War and Plain are just as great, combining beautiful melodies with strong resonating analogue basslines. Although many of the tracks can be repetitious, in a sense ,he uses the same synth "patch" for many tracks, so it wears thin after a while. But simply mix and match any few trax on this cd with another space synth one,and you will have a more broader listening experience.

Rating: 8/10
Ramachandran - Malaysia

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