Koto Plays Science-Fiction Movie Themes

Koto Plays Science-Fiction Movie Themes

Label: ZXY 20242-2
Year: 1993
Cover by:

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1. Star Treck - 4.53
2. Mc Gyver - 3.43
3. Airwolf - 3.46
4. The End - 4.09
5. Twilight Zone - 4.14
6. Back To The Future - 4.06
7. The Thing - 3.08
8. Terminator - 3.27
9. Die Klapperschlange - 4.06
10. The Eve Of The War - 4.09
11. Star Wars - 3.49
12. Space Patrol Orion - 3.27
13. Apocalypse Now - 3.19

Track 1 composed by A. Courage, track 2 by R.S. Edelmann, track 3 by S. Levay, track 4 & 7 by
J. Carpenter, track 5 by M. Constant, track 6 by A. Silvestri, track 7 by Morricone / Carpenter, track 8 by B.I. Fiedel, track 10 by Wayne / Osborne, track 11 by J.T. Williams, track12 by P. Thomas, Track 13 by C. Coppola

Produced and arranged by Michiel van der Kuy.





Koto-bass meets spacey scifi themes - one's dream has come true? Generally I like the remakes on the album, Koto has added some extra Koto'ish touches while keeping the feel of the originals.
However, I was very disappointed when I heard the Koto's version of 'MacGyver theme' for the first time. Why did they change those nonfamous chord stabs?! Now it sounds completely wrong.
Fortunately most of the other songs on the album remain pretty faithful to the originals.
I was delighted to find out that Koto covered some music of John Carpenter. Koto's style fits perfectly into the dark mood of the Carpenter's originals.
My favorite track of the album is 'Twilight Zone'. It's funking fantastic - Koto has really beefed up the original theme. Some of the tracks on the album don't have the power of the originals. 'Terminator', for instance, sounds very thin but as long as the  koto-bass keeps rolling I won't complain.

Rating: 7/10
Lauri Turjansalo

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