Laserdance - Future Generation

Laserdance - Ambiente

Label: ZXY 20194-2
Year: 1991
Cover by: Edwin van der Laag

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1. Galactic Dream - 5.05
2. Moon Dusk - 5.24
3. Cosmic Revenge - 5.32
4. Voices From Another Planet  - 5.54
5. So Fine All The Time - 5.25
6. Stargazer - 4.43
7. Vast Emptiness - 5.21
8. The New Reunion - 5.53
9. Timeless Zone - 5.54
10. Laser Fears - 5.36
11. Final Tones (Bonus Track) - 6.23

Executive produced by Erik van Vliet.



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This is not typical album as for Laserdance. It's an ambient music with a bit of space-synth touch, quite slow and very, very relaxing. All songs are written by Erik van Vliet, also producing is made by him.
Starting with "Galactic Dream", the album marks out the style of itself. This first song is the the perfect portrait of whole CD, and undouptly is one of the best album songs, even one of the best at all.
"Moon Dusk" - that Enigma-influenced song is more oriental than spacy, though the spacy mood isn't omited. Erik used in it an oriental flute typical for Michael Cretu's project, and even the rhythm is almost the same. Originality isn't the strong side of this tune. Because of it, song isn't as good as other ones, anyway it's still good and the Laserdance style can be easly noticed in it.
The third song, "Cosmic Revanche", is one more state-of-the-art by Laserdance. Erik gave everything from himself in this tune. Koto-styled bassline marks out a bit more dynamic capacity of the song. Very melodic motives are the strong side of it. Definitelly one of the best LD tracks.
"Voices From Another Planet" returns to ambient capacity of the album. It has some good points, and can be counted to the better songs of the album.
"So Fine All The Time" and "Stargazer" are probably poorest songs on that CD. Again ambient, but not so good as previous ones. Even uncommon, triplet-based rhythm of "Stargazer" doesn't help, because melodies aren't interesting so much.
"Vast Emptiness" - another classic LD ambient with an amazing piano motif inside. It differs a little from the version in "Changing Times" - it's more wealthy in new sounds, and it's a bit longer.
"The New Reunion" - the second song taken from the album "Changing Times", and it's also different than original version. Very spacy and calm mood are strong points of this tune.
One of the greatest songs Laserdance ever made, "Timeless Zone" is the nineth track on an album. It's a new version of "Time Zone" from "Discovery Trip" album, but it's much, much better. The mood beats up almost all other songs. Characteristic flute with a bit more dynamic bassdrum don't let this song be mistaken with any other LD tune.
The most original song on this CD comes as the next in the queue. "Laser Fears" is a three-part tune, every with its own rhythm and tempo, every with a different mood. All of them could be made as separated songs, anyway they seem to match together, and the song wouldn't be the same without any of these parts. A masterpiece. One of the songs that reveals the true talent of Erik van Vliet.
And the bonus track, "Final Tones" is just another remake of other LD song, "Final Zone", which can be found on "Around The Planet" album. I think that original is a bit better.
According to me this album is one of the best LD albums, even if the cover art is awful. Its strong side is originality, what cannot be just-like-that said about some other Laserdance's albums. Of course it's not typical LD style, so if someone expect to hear classic Laserdance space-synth music, can be deceived.
Of course, "Ambiente" songs aren't the only ones in this style, similar songs are for instance: "Plain" from Koto's "Masterpieces", "Nightmare At Noon" from LD's "Guardian Of Forever", few songs on LD's "Fire On Earth" and Koto's "From The Dawn Of Time". But only "Plain" can compete with songs from "Ambiente", in my opinion.

Rating: 9/10
Chris R./Protonic Storm

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