Laserdance - Changing Times

Laserdance - Changing Times

Label: ZXY 20181-2
Year: 1990
Cover by: Edwin van der Laag

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1. The Challenge (Remix) - 5.04
2. A Night Out In Tomorrowland - 5.23
3. Brainstorm - 5.18
4. Fly Trough The Galaxy - 5.22
5. The Great Wall - 5.01
6. Escape From the Forbidden City - 5.16
7. Vast Emptiness - 5.07
8. The Reunion - 5.37

All tracks composed and arranged by Michiel van der Kuy and Erik van Vliet.
Executive produced by Erik van Vliet.



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Changing Times is Laserdance's fourth studio effort, and it delivers 8 original tracks plus two remixes of the single The Challenge on some releases.
After the innovative Discovery Trip, Changing Times is rather smoothly-going piece of work in which most of the ideas are a bit overdone. Tracks are very similar and was it not for the differnet bass-line on Escape from The Forbidden City and The Great Wall and the two *lovely* ambient tracks you could say the album is boring.
Some of the tracks do sound very much alike, but still this is probably one of the best space albums ever. I found personlly Around the Planet and Discovery Trip a bit cheesy in some parts, but Changing Times is rather steady and well-produced, so listening to it is sheer pleasure.
The two concluding ambient tracks are dedicated to the deceased father of Erik van Vliet and you can hear the deep emotions in both tracks, they are easily the best ambient tracks of Laserdance to date.
Changing Times is a well-done album, however Erik and Michiel shouldn't have overused some of the samples. After a few tracks you already know what you can expect.


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