Laserdance - Discovery Trip

Laserdance - Discovery Trip

Label: ZXY 20163-2
Year: 1989
Cover by: Edwin van der Laag

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1. Cosmo Tron (Remix) - 4.47
2. Trip To Destroy - 4.59
3. Endless Dream - 4.47
4. Brain Mission - 6.10
5. Discovery Trip - 5.28
6. Flying Planet - 6.50
7. Electro Based - 5.55
8. Time Zone - 5.09

All tracks produced and arranged by Erik van Vliet.
Executive produced by Erik van Vliet.



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Oh dear. This album is disappointing. It has more variety than, say  Technological Mind but most of the tracks themselves are very poor.
I enjoy listening to the first three tracks though, especially 'Cosmo Tron' which is one of the best Laserdance tracks ever. Some people may like 'Brain Mission' but I don't because of the noisy synth sounds and not-too-exciting melodies. 'Discovery Trip' is missing all the low frequencies and 'Flying Planet' is just  too sweet and happy. 'Electro Based' is trying to sound smooth but I find it silly. 'Time Zone' is an average ambient track. Most of the synth sounds on the album sound bloody cheap and dated. And I won't even comment on that cover  art.

Rating: 5.5/10
Lauri Turjansalo

• • •

Discovery Trip immediately offers a fuller, richer sound than previous Laserdance releases. One of the most impressive features of this album is the number of different sounds used.
The first three tunes are excellent and exactly what you'd expect in a new Laserdance album. From this, the listener is led into new territory with "Brain Mission", a slightly slower, heavier song offering fantastic new instrument choices. This concept is continued two tracks later on "Flying Planet". In the interim, however, is the title track "Discovery Trip", which actually sounds like it was left over from one of the previous records. Its thin sound doesn't quite fit with the rest of the album. Yet again, Laserdance leaves us with an ambient closing, "Time Zone", which has a sound similar to "Moments in Love" by The Art of Noise