Laserdance - Fire On Earth

Laserdance - Fire On Earth

Label: ZXY 20276-2
Year: 1994
Cover by:

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1. Under Fire - 5.17
2. Pirates Of the Dark - 5.27
3. The Asphyx - 5.29
4. No Man´s Land - 5.48
5. Everlasting Dream - 5.20
6. Entering The Darkness - 5.00
7. Fire On Earth - 6.02
8. Forgotten Zone - 5.06
9. No Pressure - 5.12
10. Silent Running - 5.15
11. Fire On Earth (Remix) - 6.31

All tracks composed and arranged by Erik van Vliet and Michiel van der Kuy.
Executive produced by Erik van Vliet.



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Wow! The first time I plugged this CD into my car stereo I ejected it because I thought something was wrong. It takes several listens to the first track, "Under Fire", to figure out what's going on. The melody is being continuously cut mid-note to produce a very chaotic effect. A minute later, the song settles down. Missing from this album is the pulsating bass drum of "Hypermagic", but the great tunes don't stop coming. The most infectious is "Pirates of the Dark", a brassy, upbeat number. I also really liked "Under Fire" after I got used to it, and "Fire on Earth" is another favourite. The flow of the album is interrupted a little by several ambient tracks, one of which, "Everlasting Dream", is uncharacteristically placed in the middle of the album.


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