Laserdance - Strikes Back

Laserdance - Strikes Back

Label: ZXY 20545-2
Year: 2000
Cover by:

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1. The Lost Battle - 6.31
2. No Escape - 5.40
3. Reconnaissance Expedition - 5.55
4. Voyage Of Discover - 5.55
5. War Between The Stars - 6.46
6. The Experiment - 5.45
7. Fly Over The New Territory - 6.41
8. A Space Trip - 5.38
9. Warriors Action In Unknown Territory - 6.10
10. A Content Creature - 5.14
11. Unidentified Object In Japan - 6.33
12. Party For The Home-Coming Warriors 5.48

All tracks written & composed by Julius Wijnmalen.
Produced by Julius Wijnmalen & Erik van Vliet.



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If there was any doubt that Laserdance can define the cutting edge of synth music, this album will shatter any such beliefs. It was written and composed by newcomer Julius Wijnmalen (who?). From the first few moments of the opening track, "The Lost Battle", it's apparent that this album brings a complexity and maturity never before heard in the genre. I like this song so much that an excerpt is used as the ringtone on my cellphone. From there the persistence of great songwriting is overwhelming. The variety of sounds and styles is greater than on any previous Laserdance album; you will even hear western movie and Japanese influences. The album's most remarkable track is "War Between The Stars," which is John Williams' "Star Wars" theme -- Laserdance style! It's more of a novelty than a really great tune, but it's something to share with your friends and laugh about. This record's most infectious tune is "A Space Trip", which begins with Erik Van Vliet's trademark stating of the song's title through a vocoder. This is really a very well-crafted album all around. Even the cover art is very interesting; the space shuttle is leaving Earth, headed toward... Earth?! Hopefully the addition of fresh blood to the Laserdance project will mean more music in the near future.


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