Laserdance - Technological Mind

Laserdance - Technological Mind

Label: ZXY 20206-2
Year: 1992
Cover by:

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1. Warriors - 4.59
2. Dead Star - 5.22
3. New Adventuire - 5.14
4. Sky Orbit - 5.39
5. Technological Mind - 5.14
6. Tunel Of Mind - 5.02
7. The Landing - 5.09
8. Technoid (Vocoder Version) - 6.10
9. Technoid (House Version) - 6.15
10. Technoid (Ambiente Version) 5.35

Produced by Michiel van der Kuy.



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I really can't understand why Michiel and Erik didn't use a little bit more imagination when they were making this album. I wonder how long did it actually take to produce this album? Okay, there are some great leads and chord melodies. Sound quality is better than on previous albums but all the  tracks are *very* similar.
Those same song structures and drum sequences  keep repeating all the time and the album gets damn boring after a few tracks. Can space synth music actually get any simpler than this?
Technological Mind would be one of the best Laserdance albums if it had  a bit more variety. It's a little bit difficult to name favorite tracks of this album because they all are so similar but I like 'Warriors', 'Dead Star' and 'Sky Orbit'. 'Technoid' is good too although the three mixes are an overdose.

Rating: 6.5/10
Lauri Turjansalo

• • •

There isn't a Laserdance album I don't like. They're all well above the standard in synth music. However, there is one album in my collection that gets played less than all the rest, and that is Technological Mind. The songs are good, but they're not great. None of them evokes any particular emotion or makes you want to jump up and dance. I would say, with no offence intended to Van Vliet, the credited composer and performer, that this would be good music to clean the house to. Steady and listenable, but unremarkable. The best song on the album is "Technoid", which is followed by two remixes of the song, neither of which is particularly interesting. Just the precise same song with a different bassline. If you're collecting Laserdance CDs, get this one last.