Laserdance - The Guardian Of Forever

Laserdance - The Guardian Of Forever

Label: ZXY 20381-2
Year: 1995
Cover by:

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1. The Guardian Of Forever - 5.06
2. Out Of Order - 5.03
3. The Pits Of Hell - 5.06
4. Break Through - 4.51
5. Nightmare At Moon - 5.18
6. Silent Runner - 5.19
7. Lover Stimulation - 5.35
8. Automatic Reverse - 5.46
9. Mal Funktion - 5.59
10. To Protect From Erasure - 5.14
11. The Atomic Trail - 5.21

All tracks composed and arranged by Erik van Vliet.
Exept Track 7, Composed by P. van Dijk / Freichs / Smidt / Huntelman
Produced by Michiel van der Kuy and Erik van Vliet.



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This is an album with a split personality. It can perhaps best be described as Laserdance's evil twin. The first three tracks, "The Guardian of Forever", "Out of Order", and "The Pits of Hell" are all great tunes, but  come framed with obnoxious, overbearing vocal samples. "The Pits of Hell" is particularly shocking because the intro is straight from the industrial music genre, and in fact could be mistaken for Front Line Assembly until about a minute into the track. The album then begins to wind down, with a  slower tune -- "Break Through" -- followed by the ambient, "Nightmare at Noon" (more unpleasant samples!). This is where the album ceases to be anything recognizable as Laserdance. Beginning with the sixth track, the aptly named "Entering The Darkness", each song is an increasingly intense journey into house and trance techno. It's a wild ride, and not for the  faint of heart. Granted, it's good techno -- great, actually -- but it's so far from synth it's unlikely to have any immediate appeal to fans of  Laserdance.


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