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Spacesynth - Webshops


Audioenergy Shop

Audioenergy Music Productions, a new label for spacesynth music, you can by also other CDs there.



A Different Drum Shop

A Different Drum, the source for Synthpop in the USA, sales CDs and also MP3s.



Alpha Centauri Shop

Alpha Centauri (AXIS-Records), you can find a lot of information, free downloads and also a shop for spacesynth and other releases there.



Hypersound Shop

The home of Hypersound, where you can buy a lot of H. Robertson and Spacesynth CDs, incl. the Synthesizer Dance series, Area 51 (new project from Michiel van der Kuy & Rob van Eijk), Macrocosm and many, many more!



Melodymaker Shop

You can buy Spacesynth, Italo & Eurodance CDs, also a lot of Hypersound & Axis releases there.



Total Recall Shop

Total Recall is a 2.hand internetstore, maybe you can find some rar and sold out releases there.



Fun Records Shop

Fun records is a 2.hand internetstore, maybe you can find some rar and sold out releases there. Shop is a 2.hand internetstore, maybe you can find some rar and sold out releases there.



CyberCD Shop

A music internetstore for CDs and records.



ZYX Shop

The ZYX / Musicgarden internetstore, a shop for ZYX releases.



GEMM, a great internetshop archive, you can searched in a lot of shops at the same time.




Another great internetshop archive, you can searched in a lot of shops at the same time.




A music internetstore for CDs and records




Don’t forget Ebay if you’re looking for old and rar releases ;-)
Erik v. Vliet sells many CDs @ Ebay. Shop

Not a shop for music/cds, but you can buy
T-Shirts and Mugs there






Spacesynth - Weblinks



The official webpage of Noonwaverecords. You can find informations about Stefan Bieri, the Label and future projects at this new page.

Also a spacesynth page with a big database, free music, discography, photos and many more...




Spacesynth & Italo Webpage with much information about music, VST software and many more...



Spacesynth Group

Yahoo Spacesynth Group, a disussion group about spacesynth music.



I Venti

I Venti d’Azzurro Homepage.



Space Sound Records

Space Sound Records, a new Spacesynth Lable.






Spacesynth - Artists


Cyber Space

The “Myspace” page from Cyber Space.




Krzysztof Radomski’s homepage, better known as Protonic Storm, a very talented spacesynth composer. You can download more free tracks @ his page.




Marcos little homepage, Marco is also a very talented artist,




Dempa’s Homepage




Dreamtime, the winner of our 1. Spacesynth contest, take a look at his page.




Electron’s Homepage




Mathias Bartoll’s Homepage




A.M. Samurai’s Homepage




mindXpander’s Homepage




Mark Vera’s Homepage




Spaceraider’s Homepage




Lone Starr’s Homepage.




Fresh Color, another project from H. Robertson...




The home of Synth-Dimension, Ruslan Bozhok.




“Abbsynth - Music of near Space” - A new russian Spacesynth project founded by Alexander Korolev.




The homepage of “Ernesto”, take a look and download Ernesto’s first release for free there.




Take a look at the homepage from “Mac of BIOnighT” and see all relases in different syles.






Spacesynth - Fanclubs



Daylight Fanclub, Daylight is the spacesynth project from H. Robertson, you can see all releases and some photos there.






Spacesynth - Webstations



Hurricane FM, a Internet-Radio-Station for Italo, HiNrg, Eurodance and Spacesynth.




German Webstation, plays a lot of music styles, also Spacesynth...




Dutch Webstation, plays a lot of Italo music and also Spacesynth... Take a look at the page and try also the “request” to hear what you like ;-)






Sci-Fi - Artwork



Spacesynth CDs are also well known for the great Sci-Fi covers, here you can see a lot of very nice Sci-Fi pictures.




Professional Sci-Fi artwork for TV series & more, you can download great wallpapers there.




Artwork in a very own style, you’ll love or hate it ;-) BTW: the spaceship was also done by Rune.




If you’re looking for a nice Sci-Fi-influenced-font, take a look @ this page, i’m sure you’ll find some.




Another font page, not specialized in space, but realy good.



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