mindXpander - A Tribute To Laserdance

mindXpander - A Tribute To

Label: Hypersound HYPS 71006
Year: 2000
Cover by:

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01. Power Run
02. Enemy On Earth
03. The Challenge
04. New Adventures
05. Excitation
06. Everlasting Dream
07. Mars Invaders
08. Fear
09. Cosmic Connection

Executive produced by Humphrey Robertson.





mindXpander is one of the best known new spacesynth acts. Lilja and Rydberg have produced many spacesynth tracks that have been praised among the  community. Laserdance with modern dance beats may sound a good idea but unfortunately I find this album disappointing. Tracks are quite well produced  and the soundquality is good but where's the spacey feeling?
I don't find those drums very effective either, high pitched bassdrum just doesn't sound good to my ears.
Tracks are now even more similar than before..

IMO  'Challenge' is the best cover on the album, it's a shame that the other tracks aren't as good. 'Mars Invaders'is pretty nice too but it also  sounds too simplified.

Unfortunately this album leaves me cold. It has  some potential but lacks atmosphere and variety.

Rating: 5.5/10
Lauri Turjansalo

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