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New releases by Hypersound & Space Sound Records.
Hypersound released “Tom Lacy - Welcome To The Future”, it’s now available at the Hypersound shop.

Space Sound Records released “The Best of Spacesound Records” & “Synthesizer Tribute To Depeche Mode”.


Audioenergy announced a new release “Ernesto - R-Evolution”  today,  the release will be in 2 weeks, you can place your pre-order right now at the Audioenergy shop and save 10% pre order discount.

Space Sound Records released the  “Galaxy Hunter - We Came From Space” album today. You can order your copy direct at Space Sound Records or at the Audioenergy shop.

Noonwaverecords announced 2 new double CDs, both CDs are not completely spacesynth, but there are also some spacesynth tracks included, both CDs will be available at Noonwaverecords and the Audioenergy shop in the beginning of August, you can place your pre-order right now.

The new Space Sound Records release “Space Project - The Return Of Space Raiders” is now available at the Audioenergy shop.

Ernesto, a new spacesynth artist, released his first CD, you can download the complete release for free (legal). Click here for more informations.

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Some days ago Space Sound Records announced his 2. release “Galaxy Hunter - We Came From Space” at Spacesynth.net forum. Take a look at Spacesynth.net or here to get more infos and one free track.

•  22.03.2008
Space Sound Records released there first production: “Space Project - The Return Of Space Raiders”, take a look at our CD page for more details. Our best wishes and good luck to Space Sound Records.

•  20.03.2008

NOONWAVERECORDS goes online. Stefan Bieri started with his own web page today. You can find informations about him, the Label and future projects at the new page. Take a look at:


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•  29.02.2008
Audioenergy announced another new CD: “Cyber Space - The New Planet”. Release date is the 05.03.2008. The CD and a megamix are available at the Audionergy-Shop.

•  31.01.2008
Noonwaverecords released “Anosphere - Timetraveller” today. You can hear some sample files from this release at our CD page. The CD is available at the Audionergy-Shop.

•  31.01.2008

Hypersound announced the “Synthesizer Dance Vol. 9”. Release date is the 08.02.08, you can pre-order this release now at the Hypersound-Shop.

•  07.11.2007
Audioenergy offered the special sale again: 2 CDs - 1 Price ! Buy Cyberspace & Contest TraxX together for only 25 Euro. This offer is limited until the end of 2007.

•  10.10.2007
Hypersound released a new Daylight album “Dancin’ through the night”. The CD is available at the Hypersound Webshop on 13th Dec. 2007, the download is available at the Hypersound download shop.

•  08.06.2007
The Audioenergy Music Shop is now open and both new releases: “Spacesynth.de Contest TraxX” and “Cyber Space - In The Beginning” are now available.

•  08.06.2007
Stefan Bieri’s “Anosphere - Field of Mutants” is now also available at the Audioenergy Shop.

•  11.04.2007
Sample file from “Anosphere - Field of Mutants” now online at the CD-Page.

•  09.04.2007
Spacesynth.net opened an own shop, they don’t sell CDs, but nice merchandising products, like shirts, etc

•  04.04.2007
Hypersound started a webshop for mp3 downloads today. To the start of the shop Hypersound released a brandnew Based on Base Album “Space Odyssey”. You will also find some "out of print" albums for download.

•  01.04.2007
Stefan Bieri started with his own Recordlabel “Noonwaverecords” and released the first CD “ANOSPHERE - Field of Mutants”, this release is available at the Audioenergy Music Shop ;-)

•  31.01.2007
Hypersound released the “Daylight the best of 1991 - 2007”. This release is including a brand new song. Take a look at hypersound.ch to see more infos and get a Megamix.

•  01.01.2007
Erik van Vliet released a new “Best of Hotsound 1982-2000”, this release is available at Ebay now(seller:formula_hot) and it’s limited to 100 copies, like the previous releases.

•  20.12.2006
Alpha Centauri has released 2 new CDs, Space Project & Electron, both are now available at Alpha Centauri and there distributors.

•  02.10.2006
The Biography of Michiel van der Kuy is back at Rygar.nl. I’ve delete the Koto part from this bio and wrote some words about Area 51. Take a look...

•  25.09.2006
The first “Daylight Fan-Video” is now also online at hypersound.ch.

•  17.09.2006
The new Spacesynth.de will be online at 23/24.Sep. 2006. I’ve not finisched the most new content yet, because i’ve really not enough time in the last months, but i think it’s time to have the new design online.

•  15.09.2006
Hypersound released the “Synthesizer Dance Vol. 8”. Take a look at hypersound.ch to see more infos and get a Megamix.

•  04.03.2006
New categories, forums & infos about the future of Spacesynth.de online at my message board

•  02.03.2006
Hypersound announced a special offer from 02.03.06 until 16.03.06: Buy 5 CDs and get one for free, more infos here.

•  03.02.2006
Alpha Centauri announced a new CD: “Space Project - Beyond Imagination”
You can download one free Track of this release at there page.