Protonic Storm - Epsilon

Protonic Storm - Epsilon

Label: Hypersound HYPS 71009
Year: 2001
Cover by: Protonic Storm & Thomas Strütt

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1. Saturn Dawn - Download sample
2. Protonic Voices - Download sample
3. Exile Cry
4. Epsilon Warriors  - Download sample
5. Components Of Time
6. Over The Dusk Realm
7. The Persistence
8. Epsilon Warriors (2014 Remix)

All tracks composed arranged and produced by Protonic Storm,
except track 2 composed by Protonic Storm and Myvoice.
Executive produced by Humphrey Robertson.





Epsilon is an interesting mixture of old Laserdance sound, ambient and Jean-Michel Jarre. It's one of the most electronic sounding albums I have ever heard. Protonic Storm has created most of the sounds himself which make this album more unique than some others in the genre.

Personally I just dig the beginning of 'Saturn Dawn', very catchy start and works perfectly as a 1st track. 'Protonic Voices' was done in cooperation with Jukke 'Myvoice' Lundqvist - pretty nice track,especially those  synthchords. 'Exile Cry' is one of the best tracks on the album. Melodies are quite personal, not typical spacesynth. My fave track on the album is  'Epsilon Warriors'. It starts as a mellow ambient tune with some very nice sequencing. Then the bassline kicks in and the track slowly turns into  its full glory.
Ain't a typical spacesynth track either. Onto 'Components of Time', 13 mins long
slow atmospheric track. We are off to Jarre land.  When a typical spacesynth track keeps repeating same melody sequences throughout the track here we are introduced to new melodies all the time.  'Over the Dusk Realm' is a fast and more straightforward track  which sounds brilliant after a slower track like Components of Time. I have to mention those bells at 2.45 - just fantastic.
'The Persistence' starts out very nicely and builts into something that reminds me of Ambiente of Laserdance but much more complex.

On Epsilon Protonic Storm is really  trying to take the genre a few steps further
which is good because we have  heard so many spacesynth tunes that are just copies of oldies. Certain sounds are overused and some melodies didn't really grab me but Epsilon is a must for a synth fan. Very refreshing experience.

Rating: 8/10
Lauri Turjansalo

• • •

Epsilon is the album that leads spacesynth into the 21st century. Protonic Storm redefines the scene in his strong first album. More depth, strong instruments, crisp and updated sound compared
to Koto and the like.

The highlights of the album are tracks with fast tempo and catchy  melodies. If I need to pick two I'd take take Saturn Dawn, the opener and Epsilon Warriors. Saturn Dawn starts right with full color depth of the rainbow in the sky while Epsilon Warriors needs more time to build up.

The spacey feeling is in there. You can almost touch it.

Mikko Välimäki

• • •

Chris Radomski is one guy who is pushing this genre to its outer limits. His futuristic style can be described as a fusion of laserdance, Koto, Jarre and the early 80’s synth of Faltermeyer (all put together and churned out into his own modern style). Epsilon is not a conventional space –synth album, it’s rather an electronic album with the elements of space synth. i.e. it has a lot of koto bass in it, a lot of 80’s type of synth in it etc.

For me this album is one that grows on you. At first I probably liked 2 tracks (Saturn Dawn & Epsilon Warriors), but as I listened to it more and more I really began to appreciate the work that went into creating something that sounds so diverse and different.

For me the best track is Epsilon Warriors, its starts with some sequencing (maybe 1:30min is a bit long) but kicks into one of the most energetic synth sounds that I have ever heard. There’s also a nice sequence / progression (whatever it’s called) at 3:30min which leads to some amazing pitch bending type of sound.

Saturn Dawn to me sounds like a modern version of a typical laserdance song. This song is probably the closest you’ll get to laserdance on this album; it’s a fine song with plenty of energy. Over the dusk realm is another energetic song, the start reminds me of mid 90’s Italian dance but then the song goes into Jarre territory ala Rendezvous. It’s up beat with many great sounds. Protonic Voices is a slower piece in collaboration with Jukke Lundqvist, I think this was an excellent idea as both composers do have a similar style which seems to complement each other. It’s a fine song, it maybe slightly long but definitely worth listening to. The other slower track that I quite enjoyed was Exile Cry. Components of Time and The Persistence are also slower tracks. For me these two are the weakest on the album. To me The Persistence sounded like Chris attempting to do what Koto and M. VanderKuy did: adding an oriental flavored track in the mold of Plain, and Japanese War game. I don’t think the track had strong enough melodies and listening to it I felt that there was too much repetition. Components of time was another very long track that, well it’s not exactly my cup of tea.

With the last track the remix of “Epsilon Warriors” I’m not sure what Chris was thinking, but he made the same mistake that M.Van Der Kuy did of putting in a Techno version/ song into a space synth album. When you are going to try to put melodies into a style which really has no room for them because it’s based on Drum and Bass rhythm there’s always going to be problems. An Excellent track now sounds very dull and boring and most definitely has no energy. Perhaps a space mix or a vocoder mix would have been better. It would be interesting to see how Chris would re-mix this track in one of those styles because he has immense talent.

The only other small criticism is that maybe 7 songs are too little. I would have preferred some tracks to be shorter, which in turn would have left room for new material.

Overall the Album is a breath of fresh air. I don’t think it will be everyone’s favorite, but it’s definitely worth checking out. Sometimes the sounds do have a tendency to sound a bit similar but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s very innovative. It’s also very electronic, so for those who are use to the sweet sounds of Italo and the old school space synth, it maybe a bit of a shock. For people who already have this album and enjoy the sound that Chris is producing (and are wanting more), check out an Album by the Australian group ORAC, it’s a fusion of Jarre, Kraftwerk, and Tangerine Dream.

Rating: 7.5/10
Peter D

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