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Biography of ROFO

ROFO was founded in 1982 by ROnny Verrept and FOnny de Wulf. There first song "Watch out, here they come" (Rain Records, RAIN 503) were produced in the same year in there own 8 track studio and published as a 12 inches pressing. Fonny played all instruments, Ronny arranged the beats and Peter Vriends was responsible for the vocals, but the sales didn't match the expectations. After that "Flashlight on a Disconight" (BMC Records, BMC 3520) was produced into the same 8 track studio, Ray "Flashlight" Muylle functioned as an executing producer on that track. Ray thought to record the song in a professional studio will be much better and he chose the KRITZ studio, one of the best places in Belium at this time.

Flashlight on a Disconight“Flashlight on a Disconight” was presented at the annual Midem in Cannes in January 1983. The response exceed all expectations and a worldwide release and success followed. After that release Ronny and Peter left the band, Fonny and Ray decide to build an own production company, in september 1983 "Infinity Records" was born.  The next publication should continue the success of "Flashlight on a Disconight" and "You've got to move it on" (Infinity Records, INF 12504) was chosen for that.
"You've got to move it on" was produced at KRITZ studio again in 1984, but ROFO has to searched for a new vocalist after the leaving of Peter and they found John Sauli. John also started a solo career and released "Sweet conversation"(Infinity Records, INF 12510), an english version of "Las manos quietas" from Carlos Perez. It was also released by Infinity Records.
Recording Rofo Beach Love
The 4. offering of ROFO was "I want you" (Infinity Records, INF 12507), released in 1985, produced by the same team. In 1986 Michiel van der Kuy and Rob van Eijk produced "Beach love" (Infinity Records, INF 12515) for ROFO, maybe you know this winning team from Laserdance, Proxyon or Area 51. Meantime John continued his solo project and released "Miss liberty" (Pony Canyon inc., C12Y0264).

bcm011988, now it was time to release the 1. ROFO album "ROFO the Album" (Infinity Records, INF 3503) which contains all previous releases and a few new tracks: "Rofo's theme", "Tonight is the night" and "Quanto Cuesta", all produced by Fonny de Wulf. The album also contains a megamix "Rofo's megamix", mixed by Peter Vriends and “Sweet conversation” & “Miss liberty” from John’s solo project. Later in 1988 the album was released again as “ROFO The ‘88 Remix Album” (Brian Carter Music, B.C. 33-2116-43) and as CD-release “ROFO The CD-Album” (Brian Carter Music, B.C. 50-2116-46), both contains new ‘88 remixes of the tracks.

The next 12 inch release was "Rofo's theme (let’s go)" (ZYX 6057-12), a new version of the 1987 release “Rofo’s theme” (Infinity Records, INF 12519) and it was again a huge success, f.e. it was placed very hi in the German-Maxi-Single-Charts, if i remember right it was the no. 1, but i’m not sure. Unfortunately “Rofo’s theme (let’s go)” was never placed in the German-Single-Charts, no 7 inch single was published at the right time. Because of the great success of "Rofo's theme" a lot of remixes where released in the next years, f. e. "The rhythm Remix",  PWL Remix", "’95 Versions".

maxi46The last new release of ROFO was "Rofo's Theme 2" (ZYX 6343-12), which contains 4 mixes and another new track "Don't stop" but this release can't continue the huge success of "Rofo's theme".

The most informations for this biography where taken from: “ROFO the CD-Album”, Thanx to Ray “Flashlight” Muylle for this infos.

Written by Thomas Horke for Spacesynth.de

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