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Biography of Stefan Bieri

Bieri_Stefan_BildI am 34, single, and was born in Switzerland.  I work in the health care sector.

1983 / Music has always been my companion. I first heard Italo Disco on the radio in 1983 and have been in love with this sound ever since. Divine was the first disco album I bought. I first met Humphrey Robertson of Fresh Color in 1985. Of course, I knew their sound from the radio hit parade of that time.  In fact even today, this album with its great cover "Nightdreams" is still cult for me and I enjoy listening to it. Since hearing the first tracks by Laserdance in 1986, I have been an enthusiastic spacesynth fan and find this electronic music with its diversity very inspiring.

1990 / "Techno time" began for me in the early 90's when I first went disco dancing. I feel that dancing is the expression of freedom and love. During those visits to the discos, I felt the energy of music and was inspired to make music myself. I therefore bought my first synthesizer in 1992 and produced my first techno tracks at home, without ever publishing anything.  As far as music is concerned, I am the classical autodidact.  I taught myself mastering (how a track should sound) and approach a production using feelings and hearing.

1996 / In the mid-nineties, under the pseudonym "Rotator The Acid Machine", I made my first live appearances and caused the dancers to sweat with my "acid sounds". The positive reactions of friends and partygoers motivated me to continue making music, so I saved some money and bought myself further synthesizers in order to produce even better sounds. Little by little my studio expanded.

2000 Music friends who knew my sound always encouraged me to continue composing and I was never at a loss for ideas.  Having composed innumerable techno tracks (unpublished), I felt the need for a change and composed my first spacesynth tracks at the beginning of 2000.  The structure of spacesynth has certain characteristic features (tempo, correct sound, melody structure).  At the beginning this was a challenge for me.  In order to achieve the special "spacesynth sound" I had to completely reprogramme my mixer and synthesizers, which I managed successfully.

2002 By chance I came upon Synthesizer Dance CD Vol l and was interested to see who had produced the compilation - Humphrey Robertson.  Of course, I had been a fan of his and his music for years.

It was in 2002 that I first thought of publishing my first spacesynth tracks and contacting a record label.  I sent my "first" CD demo to Hypersound Productions. Humphrey was convinced of my talent and gave me the chance to publish tracks on Synthesizer Dance Vol 4 – 5 and 6. I had my first record contract!!

Humphrey was enthusiastic about my idea to organise a "promotion night" in order to promote my tracks in Switzerland and, with the help of friends, I organised various "Synthesizer Dance Nights". Spacelands.de kindly permitted me and a kind friend to use their picture in the creation of a poster to advertise these "PromoNights". The poster was then distributed in various Zurich clubs and this is how I met Gutze Gautschi (Fresh Color)!!! CULT!!! I was allowed to make publicity for the Dance Night in his CD shop and put up my poster there, too!

noonwave12006 / In 2006 I created my own record label, "Noonwaverecords".

2007 / In 2007 my dream became reality and my first album Anosphere "Field of Mutants" was published through Noonwaverecords.

I intend to publish more tracks in the near future and hope to please my fans who are, after all, my source of inspiration.  My heartfelt thanks to all those who appreciate my music and support me.

Bieri Stefan

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