Syntech - By Trail And Error

Syntech - By Trail And Error

Label: ZXY 20149-2
Year: 1989
Cover by: Edwin van der Laag

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1. Byt & E - 5.40
2. Reaction - 6.30
3. Soundly Computed - 6.32
4. Discontented - 12.12
5. We Won’t Be Long 8.40
6. Mistery Invader (Bonus Track) - 7.10

All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Huib Schippers and Edwin van der Laag.
Executive produced by Erik van Vliet.





This is quality synth disco! Edwin and Huib have managed to create some really good songs on this album, and it's a shame they didn't make a few more since there are only six tracks available. Obviously influenced by Laserdance and other groups Syntech still has their own unique sound and delicate melodies. My personal favourites are "Byt & E" and "Soundly computed" which are of the same quality as Laserdance's best songs. The last three tracks are not of the same quality as the first three in my opinion, but they are still good songs. If you like Laserdance, Proxyon, Koto etc you should really check this album out!

Rating: 8/10
Anders Lundqvist

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