Synthesizer Dance Vol. 7

Synthesizer Dance Vol. 7

Label: Hypersound HYPS 71031
Year: 2005
Cover by: Thomas Strütt

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01. Game of Love
02. No Remorse
03. Departure Gate
04. Voyage to the Stars
05. It’s Just the Music
06. Titan Warriors
07. Between the Asteroids
08. Bottes vernal dance
09. Time
10. Space Town
11. In Cyber Space
12. Endless Trip

Executive produced by Humphrey Robertson.


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The 7th release of this great Synthesizer Dance series, nice to see the spirit in the new composers and some fine ones have been signed again by HYPERSOUND.

1. Game of Love: Remarkable sounds by Energon/Marco Rochowski he has the talent to bring the true Laserdance feeling back to us.
2.No Remorse: Nice energy track,very creative and nicly picked instruments.
3. Departure Gate: The swedish sound of Mindxpander as usual nice production, they allways seem to create that typical „Mindxander“ atmosphere.
4. Voyage to the Stars: Fine debut for this unknown artist. Nice sound i’m sure we will hear more from Jan Schipper in the future… very promising composer.
5. It’s just the Music: Any body waiting for the new Based On Bass album (like me) hear a new track, nice vocal refrain and the typical Based on Bass sound.
6. Titan Warriors: Again fine tune from Dreamtime, great sequencing. Very good detailed composition.
7. Beetween the Asteroids: Great synth sound! I miss a little the melodies but the energy is great. Turn up your speakers and let your ears Dance!
8. Bottes vernal dance: Nice tune, kind of experimental sound, still cool for space-dance buddies, from Haggeman.
9. Time: That’s the daylight sound! reminds me of the older tunes from the releases on Zyx from the 1990’s. Simple but very effective sound from H.Robertson.
10. Space Town: This sound reminds me of the late 80’s italo disco sound, good synthesizer dance from Neutron.
11. In Cyber Space: Nice tune from Jan Schipper, it’s very satisfying to hear new composers with their own approach to Synthesizer Dance.
12. Endless Trip: Nice tune from Daylight with the typical catchy melodies this time more in the classic Laserdance style.

It’s very satisfying to see Hypersound constantly bringing new artist’s to the scene. And with Synthesizer Dance Volume 7 they have achieved another nice collection tunes.


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I don’t think that SD 7 is that crash hot. I own SD3-7 and this one is clearly the weakest. And the fact is true that there are freebie’s that are much better than the majority of the work here i.e. Galaxions Adventure, most of Electron’s work, Mark Vera’s tracks, even some of the tracks on are far better.

Here’s my track-by-track review

1. Game of Love: Clearly the best track on the Album by a country mile and one of Marco’s finest. Beautiful synth melodies mixed with nice vococder singing. Very nice lyrics and well spoken by A.Nupponen. Just a shear delight to listen to.
2. No Remorse: To me the Alfmeister is one of the sleeping giants of this genre, talks a lot about everything but scarcely mentions anything about his music, but then again his music speaks for himself. What I like about his tunes is that he is redeveloping this genre in his own style, which I really like, and this song is no exception. Great Stuff!
3. Departure gate : To be fair to MindXpander I enjoyed their early work, which was available on Their work on the SD collection I’m not big fan of. To me it’s a bit too chaotic, not enough decent melodies, it’s just a bit too heavy and this song hasn’t really changed my opinion, not my type of music
4. Voyage to the Stars another one of the better songs on this album. It is a bit thin at times and I reckon it could do with a few overlapping melodies at times and more fill in but still very enjoyable. I ‘m sure the likes of Vera or Rochowski could tweak this up a bit and give it just a bit more variety of sounds.
5. To me Humphrey Robertson is a mixed bag, he is a hit or miss affair. Sometimes he can produce some amazing ideas and sounds and at other times well…….it leaves a lot to be desired. On this occasion this hit rock bottom. A rather forgettable track (Sorry Humphrey no offence!)
6. Titan Warriors :Another track that doesn’t disappoint. The Alfmeister once again produces the goods, beautiful melodies mixed with those fabulous sounds and atmosphere that we are getting to know him by. Great Stuff.
7. Between the Asteroids: This is simply awful! I thought I was listening to trancemaster. This is not spacesynth. This is trance with minimal spacesynth elements. No melodies no spacey feel without question the worst track on this album. Don’t get me wrong you can have trance influence just look at Galaxion’s “Adventure” beautiful spacesynth incorporating trance, this is well not for me.
8. Bottes vernal dance: Poor man’s version of Protonic Storm or Jukke Lundqvist. I’ll give him credit that he is trying and that should be applauded but just lacks those melodies and atmosphere that the other two can do so effortlessly.
9. Time: This track is alright, but it lacks the variety of melodies and as result just doesn’t really have that much atmosphere. Basically Ok/
10. Space Town.: This sounds too much like a cheap freebie, keeps relying on one strong melody too much. Thus is boring
11. In Cyber Space: Another decent track on this album. Am impressed by Jan Schipper definitely shows potential this sort reminds me a bit of Jay Vee’s better stuff on Return To Tarah Album. Good track.
12. Endless Trip: Humphrey’s best on this Album actually like this one. Typical spacesynth very easy on the ears Very nice.

Overall the Album is disappointing because there are only 5 good tracks out of 12. Sadly a lot of them sound like cheap freebies and compared to the other SD albums are not up to scratch I give this album

Rating: 6/10
Peter D

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